File Types and Sizes for Designers and Artists

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File Types and Sizes for Designers and Artists

18 Feb , 2021  


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Have you ever wondered why you should choose a particular file type for a particular project or what the impact is if you save a file in a particular way? Or why you would choose CMYK or RGB as colour modes? Do you know why you should use Raster or vector files and what you should use them for? What’s the importance of dots and pixels per inch when you are working with files? How does digital file size matter when you are creating? What about lossy and lossless files? What about file compression? And what file types from the many that are available should you use when?

Hi I’m Anna, I’m the owner of Amanya Design and I’ve designed this course to help you, as I’ve learnt these things along my creative journey. I have found this subject is a very important one when I’m working with my computer in my creativity.

This course is designed to help unpack the reasons what and why file types are used and how to make sure you have understanding when you are creating your projects and artwork and help you avoid making irreversible mistakes. I aim to cut through the jargon and explain things in a way that can be understood and implemented. All for free!

Who this course is for:

  • Designers and Artists

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