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[Free] TIBCO TB0-120 Enterprise Message Service Practice Exam

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[Free] TIBCO TB0-120 Enterprise Message Service Practice Exam

21 Feb , 2021  

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February 21, 2021 // Questions: 99 //

Attend this TIBCO TB0-120 Enterprise Message Service Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) What are the three commands will update the configuration files EMS when committing an exclusive command is issued from EMS? (Choose three.)

a) September track = enabled client server

b) Set password = password server

c) set = enabled server authorization

d) track_message_ids server set = enabled

d) Set routing server = enabled

Q) Which two actions are more able to improve the EMS server performance? (Pick one.)

a) The addition of an additional CPU to the server running EMS

b) Improve the performance of physical disk

c) The transition from a file-based archive to a database store

d) I / O network Increased capacity on the server

Q) The company naming standard establishes that all queue names must start with the letter C. How can the administrator of the EMS server to enforce this naming standard for dynamic queues?

a) Disabling creation of dynamic destinations in tibemsd.conf file

b) Changing create destination permission for users

c) Having c. > As the only entry with a wildcard in the file queues.conf

d) By setting a rule to add c. as a prefix for all dynamic queues

Q) Which two statements are true about the listener parameter? (Pick one.)

a) The Listen parameter is set in tibemsd.conf file.

b) Multiple parameters can be set to listen to the TIBCO EMS configuration file.

c) TCP is the only supported protocol in parameter hear.

d) The Listen parameter is in, transport conf.

Q) Which two statements are true about the selection functions? (Pick one.)

a) conditional expression of a selector may refer to values ??of the body of the message.

b) They are available for use in bridge functions, helping to reduce unnecessary network traffic.

c) They are useful when used in conjunction with the argument browser functions.

d) They are available to control the flow of messages along a route.

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[Free] TIBCO TB0-120 Enterprise Message Service Practice Exam
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