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[Free] C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals Practice Exam

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[Free] C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals Practice Exam

23 Feb , 2021  

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February 23, 2021 // Questions: 195 //

Attend this C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

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Sample Questions:

Anita wants to monitor an IBM Domino 8 5 3 server running on a Microsoft Windows 2008 operating system for agents who take more CPU than a certain threshold. How can he allow such a monitor?

allowing a type of agent event handler

allowing a code of Application Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) Probe

allowing a probe operating system in Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

activating a Domino statistic generator of events for Agent Manager CPU Process


Olivia needs to install some widgets from a widget catalog. How can configure the widget catalog on its Lotus Notes client?

From the Tools menu, select ‘Configure Product’ in the submenu Widgets

Open the widget catalog and click on the button ‘Configure Product’ view action

From the Workspace tab, drag the icon to the panel of the catalog Widgets sidebar ‘My Widgets’

Right-click on the ‘My Widgets’ panel and select Preferences under the Catalog menu option


In this popular configuration in the administration process provides the changes to the mail servers and applications in a circular pattern, and has a central administration server at the center. What you call this topology?



tubular bus

Hub and Spoke


How you can synchronize the Internet password with your Lotus Notes client password for all users in the organization to be enabled?

Note Internet-enabled password synchronization in Person document

Note Internet-enabled password synchronization in the Desktop Policy settings

Note Internet-enabled password synchronization in the security policy settings

Note Internet-enabled password synchronization in the server configuration document


The Lotus Notes client contains the contacts in names.nsf file. In order for a user’s contacts to be available when using iNotes, that preference must be enabled?

Contact Reply

Synchronize contacts

Enable Names for iNotes

Updating contacts on the server


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