[Free] Designing with Basic Shapes and Outlines in Illustrator

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[Free] Designing with Basic Shapes and Outlines in Illustrator

24 Feb , 2021  

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February 24, 2021 // Duration: 1 hrs 23 mins // Lectures: 9 //

Designing with Basic Shapes and Outlines in Illustrator – IN-DEPTH TIPS & TECHNIQUES

Published by: Usman Yousaf

[Free] Designing with Basic Shapes and Outlines in Illustrator


  • A Laptop or PC/Mac
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • A Sketch Book (Optional)


In this class you’ll learn designing vector illustration of anything using basic shapes & outlines in Adobe Illustrator. No matter how simple or complex artwork you want to create, this class covers everything in detail that you need to get there, and teaches basic and in depth process and workflow to help you to design illustration in your own style.

Class Project

Class project is something that will help you to track your progress for what you have learnt in the class. By doing regular practice and work on project, it will help you to enhance your skills. I highly recommend students to go through the class project and do some practice, by following the steps taught in the class, and share your work in the assignment area.

I have attached 3 class project assignments. I want you to go through them and use them as a reference example, and recreate them in your own art style following the process explained in the lectures

To make your assignment, follow the workflow as explained in the class and make sure you follow the step by step process as mentioned below;

Observe your environment, & pick an object that you like

1- Make a rough sketch using basic shapes (as shown in the class)

2- Bring your rough sketch to Adobe Illustrator (Refine sketch using outlines and basic shapes)

3- Add colors to the outline artwork illustration

4- Apply highlights and shadows to the design

5- Make some final touches to make your work unique

Share your work with everyone in the class

Who this course is for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Digital Artists
  • UI Designers

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