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[Free] 10 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Business

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[Free] 10 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Business

25 Feb , 2021  


  • Want to start a business.


Welcome to the 10 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Business course.

In this course I will walk you through an overview of the 10 most important steps in starting a business and how to avoid some serious pitfalls.

You will learn;

  • Why it is vital for your health and happiness for you to set up a business and run your life on your schedule.
  • Who is the ideal person who should start a business.
  • How to identify the traits and qualities of a successful business owner within yourself.
  • The top reasons why businesses fail so that yours does not!
  • The 10 steps to starting a successful business.

In the 10 steps we will discuss;

  1. Idea Generation.
    1. Key things to remember when it comes to idea generation.
    2. How to think of a business idea.
    3. How to identify your goldmine idea.
  2. Market research.
    1. What is market research.
    2. Three reasons why is market research vital to your businesses success.
    3. How to carry out market research through 5 must do methods!
  3. Resource planning.
    1. 5 key resources to ensure your business is a success.
  4. Business costings
    1. Life cycle of a business.
    2. Start up capital.
    3. Day to Day running costs.
  5. MVP.
    1. What is a MVP.
    2. How to use a MVP.
    3. How to utilise customer feedback for product/service development.
  6. Business structure.
    1. Identify 4 key types of business structure and set up and the differences between them.
  7. Business branding
    1. What is branding?
    2. What does your business need?
  8. Online presence
    1. What is online presence?
    2. Why is online presence important?
    3. What does online presence include?
  9. Getting customers
    1. simple ways to drive customers to your business.
  10. Getting reviews
    1. Why reviews are crucial to building your business
    2. How to get reviews.

You will receive a resource workbook to use whilst working through the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Budding entrepreneurs.
  • Those who want to start a small business.
  • Qualified professionals looking to start their own company.
  • Those who want a career change and want to work for themselves.
  • Graduates
  • Students

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