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Popular American Expressions

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Popular American Expressions

25 Feb , 2021  


  • Some way to take notes and write down examples
  • Basic understanding of English


Actually If you already speak a little  English and now want to speak more like a Real native, you’ve found the right Course. One of the keys to speaking like an American native is the ability to use and understand informal and casual expressions, or idioms. American English is full of slangs , idioms and expressions . You won’t learn these idioms  in a standard textbook. But you will hear them all the time in everyday conversations and movies . You’ll also meet them in some books, probably newspapers, magazines, and many TV shows. This course will help you understand and utilize expressions better. this comprehensive course includes over 250 of today’s most common and useful expressions and phrases.

Expressions can add color to the language. Learn these common idioms and your speech will be less awkward, less foreign. You’ll also understand more of what you read or hear. Well often an English student tries to translate idioms word-for-word, or literally. If you do this, you can end up asking, “What could this possibly mean?” This is why expressions and idioms  are hard : they work as groups of words, not as individual words.

Actually  If you really always translate each word on its own, you’ll miss the real  meaning and in many cases end up with nonsense. well let me give you an example here , let’s take one of the idioms presented in this course : ( out of this world ) This idiom and phrase  is often used to describe yummy food right .

If you are having  a party and you serve a yummy and delicious  chicken dish, your American buddy might tell you, “This chicken is out of this world!  Start translating the idiom and phrases  word-for-word and you’ll have to ask yourself:  What world is it in?  and “Why is she even commenting on the chicken being in a world, any world?”

Let me give you another example. Let’s say you’re on a tennis team. Your team has won every  game for the past 5  months. actually you could tell your buddy this without using an expression: “Our team is really lucky because we keep winning game after game.” You can also express this with an American expression : “Our team is on a winning streak.” Sounds better, Right ?

When using these expressions and American Expressions , keep in mind  that their word order and structure are often not flexible. In other words, you will need to get the word order exactly right. Here’s one great example of what I mean. Recently, I helped a student with his English homework. He then told me, “You’ve got a golden heart.” He was trying to speak idiomatic English, but the correct expression is: “You’ve got a heart of gold.”

here you can finally Add idioms and many expressions  to your speech and writing just as you add vocabulary.You might find it helpful to write all of the expressions in this course down on notecards and review them whenever you have a free time .

Good luck guys

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Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to speak English clearly and confidently
  • This course is not for native English speakers
  • English learners who want to understand English at a native level

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