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Delivering Value: From Company to Customers

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Delivering Value: From Company to Customers

28 Feb , 2021  


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This course will help you understand an important component of the marketing mix, namely, the channel of distribution or placing.

This “P” of marketing is considered crucial because no matter how good the “product” is, how impressive the “promotion” is, how acceptable the “price” is, but if the producer/company fails to “place” or “distribute” the product, everything comes back to zero.

Many important topics are covered in this course, starting from the definition of the channel of distribution to higher-level topics like “vertical marketing system”. Some of the topics that you will learn are:

路聽Definition of the channel of distribution

路聽Types of the channels of distribution

路聽Functions of the distribution channels

路聽How to choose a channel?

路聽How do channel members add value or the channel members value addition process?

路聽What is channel conflict? Or Understanding the reasons behind channel conflict

路聽What is the difference between a conventional channel of distribution and a contemporary channel of distribution?

路聽What is vertical marketing systems (VMS)?

路聽What are the different types of vertical marketing systems (VMS)?

路聽Understanding disintermediation

Enrolling in this course will help you understand some of the basic concepts related to distribution, which will eventually help you “deliver value” to the customers, ultimately, ensuring profits.

See you inside.

Dr. Jan

Who this course is for:

  • Business Administration Students
  • Marketing Students
  • Marketing executives
  • Business owners
  • Employees

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