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[Free] HP0-092 HP-UX Advanced System Administration Practice Exam

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[Free] HP0-092 HP-UX Advanced System Administration Practice Exam

4 Mar , 2021  

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March 04, 2021 // Questions: 133 //

Attend this HP0-092 HP-UX Advanced System Administration Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) If you run the following command when it is placed in a crontab? 0 0 1.15 * * / sbin / myprog

a) It is not enough data to determine the frequency

b) 1st and 15 minutes each hour

c) At midnight on the 1st and 15th of each month

d) Every day, every hour of the 1st and 15 seconds

e) None

Q) The text of the document at a time, hardware, word, hammer lines, and displays a command sequence on a page to look for?

a) Cat hardware | More

b) More hammers> $ HOME / hammer

c) Cat hardware | Holding hammers | More

d) Cat hardware | Holding hammers> Hammers | Possession of the hammer e) None

Q) Bob realized that the screen displays all the files and commands to create a file with the files, paths? Choose two.

a) Find / -name Bob | Tea list

b) Find / -name Bob | Tail -f> list

c) Find / -name Bob | The tail of the> list

d) Find / -name Bob> list of the tail -f

e) Find / list -f -name Bob> list and the tail

Q) Integrity Super dome servers in place a management buy two rp8420. Integrity Super dome for the implementation of the CPU capacity and leadership decides to bring additional applications. In this scenario to be true, given?

a) In some applications a soft partition of the Super dome with applications running on your HP-UX, Windows-based.

b) Super dome Super dome when the I / O bottleneck that border the lower I / rp8420 O slots per cent of the cell.

c) Some of the applications of the Super dome with another hard partition running on your HP-UX applications, which are Windows-based.

d) Some of the software based on Linux and Linux applications are not eligible to run in the Super dome.

e) None

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[Free] HP0-092 HP-UX Advanced System Administration Practice Exam
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