Presentation Power – 10 Tips for Better Presentations

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Presentation Power – 10 Tips for Better Presentations

8 Mar , 2021  

What you will learn

☑ Powerful Presentations – 10 tips to Make Presenting with Microsoft PowerPoint Easy & Effective

☑ Understand basic principles of adult learning and how they impact on presentation effectiveness

☑ How to use Word to create a presentation outline

☑ What a style guide is an why you need to know about it

☑ Tips to make regular presentations more consistent

☑ Tips on inserting pictures in your presentations

☑ Incorporating videos in presentations

☑ How to use and work with hyperlinks to connect to other files, slides or programs.

☑ Understanding and applying animation

☑ How to insert and animate graphs

☑ Tips for online/virtual presenting




Presenting client pitches, education sessions for customers or team updates is part everyday activities in the business world.

To be successful presenting to audiences today you need to have two things:

  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Skills

When looking to develop presentation skills or learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, most people attend full day programs on each costing money but more importantly time with a lot of the information taught being topics you already know or not relevant to your needs.

For people presenting regularly, it’s often just that you “don’t know what you don’t know” and as a result developing and presenting a presentation can become a stressful experience, rather than a sharing of expertise that is engaging and relevant to audiences.

In this short course we cover 10 tips from the principles of adult learning, to slide decks, video and pictures to ideas for online presentations.

The tips covered are 10 of the top things Global Productivity Expert Donna Hanson is asked when working with executives or presenting to client audiences around the world, in person and online.

It is designed to stop you from stressing and provide easy insights to ensure your presentations are engaging and impactful EVERY, SINGLE TIME!

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