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Free Live Concerts Meditation: Angelica Mantra – with Kasara

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Free Live Concerts Meditation: Angelica Mantra – with Kasara

10 Mar , 2021  


  • Meditation for beginners
  • No requirements or prerequisites
  • Wanting to improve and get to know yourself better


WATCH & SHARE The First Angelica Mantra Live Concert by Kasara & Kaya... A moment in time… A gift to the World… Specially in the middle of this pandemic… From February 7, 2021, the UCM Teaching and Research Center is happy to offer you free Angelica Mantra concerts

A moment of profound meditation to live from home, wherever you are…


With her angelic voice, Kasara leads us to discover the benefits of meditation and guides us into the very depths of our being, into the multiple landscapes of our unconscious to help us discover our inner potential. Her voice is accompanied by music composed by Canadian Producer, André Leclair. André, an exceptionally talented musician, has worked on many internationally renowned projects in his recording studio, Le Plan A, in the Laurentians, Quebec (Canada). His compositions of zen music highlight the Mantra sung by Kasara and help toward the release of tension, leading to deep relaxation of our entire being.

ANGELICA MANTRA means the repetition of the Name of an Angel, which triggers dreams, signs, deep reflections, and openings of the unconscious, while allowing us to cleanse memories and renew our self-esteem. Through dreams, we discover the positive and negative memories that dwell in our soul, our inner computer. When we have become aware of certain negative aspects of ourselves, Angel Mantra (or Angel Recitation) helps us to reprogram these negative memories so that they become positive. It creates also in us a profound concentration and focus that can heal the dispersion of our thoughts and emotions. Thus, our dreams allow us to develop awareness and Angel Mantra allows us to cleanse. To understand more about this unique CD Collection, we recommend that you read the International Bestseller The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, Dreams-Signs-Meditation by Kaya and Christiane Muller.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested in the meaning of their dreams or who wonder why they don’t dream, or remember their dreams
  • People who have existential questions, who want to understand the meaning of life, of their existence…
  • People who want to transform their limitations and live their full positive potential

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