A Conscious Relationship with Money

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A Conscious Relationship with Money

12 Mar , 2021  

Every one of us would like a great relationship with Money.This is achieved by establishing a conscious relationship with Money.A conscious relationship with Money must be cultivated, with intent.This is easily begun by becoming aware of your current experience of Money,and by learning to distinguish Money in the 7 dimensions of life.Money is central to life –though many of us are reluctant or even embarrassed to acknowledge this important fact.We sometimes hold outdated or wayward ideas that focusing on Money is not virtuous or spiritual. These are the thoughts that keep us limited and weaken our command with Money and the opportunities we can provide with it. This is true whatever your financial status is.I am excited and delighted to invite you to experience a free course that I put together so every one of us can create an amazing relationship with Money that you possibly couldn’t have imagined.

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