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CompTIA SK0-004 Server + Certification Practice Exam

28 March 5, udemy courses

CompTIA SK0-004 Server + Certification Practice Exam

28 Mar , 2021  

Sample Questions

Q) The chassis of the blade server has dual power supplies. Which of the following is an advantage of techniques to connect each power supply to a separate UPS?

a) Quality of service

b) fault tolerance

c) traffic shaping

d) Load balancing

e) None

Q) Blade chassis can hold 16 half-height blades or eight blades in its entirety. Which of the following maximum number of half-height blades, which can be installed in the chassis, if the six full-length blade is already installed?

a) two

b) four

c) eight

d) sixteen

e) None

Q) The technician is asked to install an additional network adapter on the server. Which of the following hardware considerations, it would be better for the technician to do?

a) power consumption

b) Bus type and speed

c) stepping

d) CAS latency

e) None

Q) The system administrator must install an operating system on a new server in a remote location via PXE. Which of the following would be better to do it?

a) SSH

b) RDP



e) None

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