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[iOS] Heart Hal‪o‬ ($3.99 to Free)

15 Feb , 2021  

App screenshot for Heart Hal‪o‬

Paired with Apple Watch, Heart Halo displays what Workout.app data and daily steps mean for your heart health.

Developed alongside scientists at the Mayo Clinic, the Halo interprets health records and renders them into a holistic view that tells you how close you are to your daily recommended heart rate thresholds. Heart Halo rates your performance each day on multiple dimensions, and creates a daily score as well as a rolling score for the last 14 days. These two scores show you what aspects of heart health based exercise you do well, and where you have room to improve.

Improve these scores to increase your heart health, and thereby extend your life.

The top levels of this app are for strenuous exercise. Be prepared to get and keep your heart pumping to score Elite!

Heart Halo integrates with Apple HealthKit to track your daily activities.

Download Heart Hal‪o‬ from the Appstore