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250-405 Administration of Symantec Management Platform Exam


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Sample Questions

Q) What defines the connection between user and computer resources?

a) Association resources

b) Resource Data Class

c) Type of resource

d) connection resource


Q) What must an administrator do to edit a sample?

a) Clone the sample task and change the original task

b) The right mouse button and select the properties of the task

c) Clone the sample source folder

d) Clone the sample task and modify the clone


Q) A Symantec Management Platform 7.5 Administrator attempts to discover all network resources with the Ping function, and no one can be found. After conferring with the network administrator, it is determined that the ping is blocked on all network devices for security purposes. What other protocol can use the administrator to discover network devices using Network Discovery? C

a) DP

b) HIP

c) ARP



Q) As part of the Symantec Management Platform initiated based communication policy?

a) Notification Server

b) Symantec Management Agent

c) Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

d) Symantec Management Console


Q) What Symantec Management Platform component processes data sent by the Altiris Agent and stores it in the Configuration Management Database?

a) Symantec Management Console

b) Software Management Framework

c) Notification Server

d) Site Services



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