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CISA Certified Information IT Governance Practice Test


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Sample Questions

Q) IT Steering Committee should analyze the information to assess the main system:

a) Are handles IT support of business requirements.

b) if the proposed functionality of the system is adequate.

c) stability of existing software.

d) complexity established technology.

e) None

Q) The most likely effect of the lack of senior management commitment to IT strategic planning:

a) lack of investment in technology.

b) lack of methodologies for systems development.

c) technology is not compatible with the organization’s goals.

d) lack of control over technology contracts.

e) None

Q) Which of the following is a function of the Steering Committee?

a) Monitoring suppliers under the changes and test management control

b) Ensuring separation of duties within the information processing environment

c) Approval and monitoring of large-scale projects, the status of the IP plans and budgets

d) Liaising between the IS department and the end users

e) None

Q) IS Steering Committee should:

a) It includes a combination of elements from different departments and staff levels.

b) Make sure that the security policy and procedures have been performed properly.

c) Formally, terms of reference and to maintain minutes of its meetings.

d) be informed about new trends and products on each vendor meeting.

e) None

Q) The participation of senior management is the most important in the development of:

a) strategic plans.

b) IS policy

c) IS procedure.

d) standards and guidelines.

e) None

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