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Digital Strategy Success


Last updated on April 6, 2021 09:20


What you’ll learn

  • Digital strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy implementation

Are you going to create your new digital strategy? Do you need to update some existing processes and methods which worked before? You’re in a right place either you’re updating or creating your new digital strategy. Let the success begin with this course!

Strategies are always part of the organization culture, management, communication and people. To success in digital strategy you need to start by analyzing current state, then learn new skills and improve your digital success. This course is good for people with less knowledge about enterprise strategies, but it helps your skill set to improve faster with some previous experience.


Successful digital strategy needs target, plan and road map how to meet requirements, goals and objectives. You must take into account both internal and external personas to answer their future needs.


Digital strategy goes across technologies such as IT, data, telecommunication, network.  It needs to be aligned to enterprise level strategy process, too. Digital strategy consists of  customer intelligence,  unit collaboration,  new product or market plan, sales and service optimization,  enterprise technology architectures and processes,  innovation and governance.


In most cases digital strategy starts with analysis. After careful preparations you create, implement and evaluate it. The time it takes is most like several months to one year and go by phases, first things first.


In this course you will go through these areas

1.Identifying business opportunities and challenges

2.Recognizing external stakeholders’ requirements and goals

3.Formulating initial strategy vision and

4.Selecting online initiatives.


This course is recently updated with new examples and success stories. You can learn from YouTube, Facebook and Google Ad words by examples. I have tested and improved many campaigns before and learned how to analyze not only the used methods, but also why things doesn’t always work as good as they look. Learn, try and success!


After this you start with the given template and go each step needed to success. You learn your first digital strategy basics and will be able to create it.


Decide to create your successful digital strategy now! It only takes some time from you to learn opportunities for success, recognize the needs better, formulate your strategy with road map to success and select the right initiatives. Remember that easiest solutions aren’t always as good as tested and improved ones. Let’s work out success together!


Enroll the course today! Start learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Diginatives
  • Digital managers

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Examples and Cases for Digital Strategies
  • Digital Strategy Template
  • Conclusion

Created by : Jouni Ruotanen


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