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Facebook Ads marketing – Page Likes & Engagement For Newbies


Last updated on April 20, 2021 18:52


What you’ll learn

  • Run facebook ads
  • Grow Page with page likes

Run a Facebook ad that will help you reach a new audience who will like your Facebook page leading you to build a brand on Facebook. This training is short and has covered a very easy strategy that will help you find people who will engage with your brand and more likes to purchase your products as well. If you are a beginner then this course will help you out a lot.

I have also included how you can run a messages campaign that will help you get started fast.

  1. Getting Started With Boost Post

  2. Setting Up Welcome Message

  3. Setting Budget And Boosting Post

  4. Facebook Pixel Explained

  5. Adding billing details

  6. Setting up Page likes campaign

  7. Split Test Budget And Settings

  8. Split Test Variations Explained

  9. Making Split Test Set A  – Creative

  10. Making Split Test Set B  – Creative ( Video)

  11. Creating An Offer On Facebook For Set B

  12. Setting Up Offer For Sets &  finalizing Ad

This is a basic course that will help you get started fast, feel free to enroll

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn facebook ads
  • Grow page with likes

Course content

  • Ad account Overview
  • Creating facebook messages ad
  • Publishing Your Ad
  • Creating Facebook Page Likes Campaign
  • Using Split Testing Strategy in Ad Creative
  • Creating An Offer For Page Likes
  • Bonus
  • Buy Branded Sneakers

Created by : Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A


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