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Free Docker Tutorial – Docker Compose with Selenium

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Last updated on March 20, 2021 17:48


In this free tutorial, we display how one can setup selenium grid using docker compose yml file

docker is a containerization tool

selenium is a popular tool to drive the browser

selenium grid allows us to setup various browser machine combinations in parallel for testing environment

docker allowed us to have a seperate container to execute tests on, using selenium grid which allowed hub node architecture

docker compose yml file allows one to create the orchaestration of containers and in one configuration file

mention how to set up the hub

the node

and then we can connect with them if its debug mode to see the execution

docker compose yml file allows to up the grid

and then down the grid

once the work is completed

selenium supports firefox chrome edge safari browsers

this tutorial was delievered as part of selenium summit done by agile testing alliance

the default machine used is windows for execution

selenium 4 grid version will come with default docker execution option and docker compose execution option

and also selenium grid 4 is used in here to show execution

you will find the default ui of the hub changed as per selenium grid 3 version

selenium grid allows us to run our tests in parallel on different browser machine combinations

docker allows us containerization and has been made very popular recently

Who this course is for:

  • testers

Course content

  • Introduction

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