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Free Synthesizer Tutorial – Introduction to Modular Synthesis and VCV Rack

Last updated on April 10, 2021 16:37


This course is for those new to modular synthesis, new to VCV Rack, or new to both. It covers foundational modular synthesis concepts illustrated with downloadable patches made in the standalone application VCV Rack. VCV Rack is a free open source cross platform software environment that emulates the Eurorack hardware synthesis format. You can use VCV Rack by itself, or integrate it with external hardware or even your digital audio workstation.

Learning modular synthesis with VCV Rack can be a good first step towards developing your own hardware modular synthesizer systems, will help you make better use of the many functions available in other software synthesizers you may own, or you may just want to become a VCV Rack aficionado.

If you’re a developer, you can develop your own VCV modules by using its API which you can find on its GitHub page. There are thousands of modules available for VCV Rack created by dozens of developers, many if not most of which are free. So if you’ve been interested in diving deeper into modular synthesis or VCV Rack, this free course will cover the key concepts and techniques you need to be well on your way.

No previous experience with modular synthesis or VCV Rack is required.

Who this course is for:

  • Musicians
  • Sound Designers
  • Media Artists
  • Music Producers
  • Audio Artists

Course content

  • Key Concepts of Modular Synthesis in VCV Rack
  • Quick Reference Demonstration Videos of Key Concepts
  • Synthesis Recipes and Case Studies
  • Next Steps

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