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Free Workshop Live Online Training – Covid-19, Mental Health & Mindfulness

FREE Live Online Training – Covid-19, Mental Health & Mindfulness


The pandemic situation that the world is facing now, has changed the way we live and work. COVID-19 has dramatically affected all segments of the human race due to which drastic psychological repercussions are being observed.

Healthcare workers are busy and over-occupied; People are tensed by the on-going situation; Families are forced to live in a pressurized environment amidst the fear of COVID-19; Careers are getting hit in the worst possible way. All these have greatly contributed to the rise of anxiety & depression among everyone. With emotional disturbance, physical inability and financial instability affecting the lives of many, the world now is grappling for a positive frame of mindset.

It is here that the relevance of Mindfulness comes into the picture. A positive mindset is what will help us deal with the current stress and despair. With sound mental health and a state of Mindfulness, one can wade through tough times by adopting a positive approach. The skills and practices used during Mindfulness are the need of this hour and should be inculcated into our daily lives to help us deal with the stress of COVID-19.

Considering this, we have arranged an exclusive online training on ‘COVID-19, Mental Health & Mindfulness’ by our eminent instructor Ms. Rashmi Marathe. Since life today is filled with changes that can be unsettling, this session aims to introduce some powerful mindfulness suggestions and resources to help the participants maintain a sense of focus in the present and undergo a holistic transformation through practice.

Book your FREE seats for this interactive Live Session that will cover topics like:

  • The Covid-19 Scenario
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Why Mindfulness?
  • How Mindfulness can be practised every day?



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