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NCR NR0-017 Teradata Masters Update V2R5 Practice Exam


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Sample Questions

Q) Which two statements are true concerning parameters within a stored procedure? (Choose two.)

a) Parameters and their attributes are always stored in the Data Dictionary.

b) Parameters can be used to build a dynamic SQL statement.

c) Parameters can be altered using the FORMAT clause.

d) Parameters can include status variables such as ACTIVITY_COUNT.

Q) Which two tools can be used to alter database objects to improve workload performance? (Choose two.)

a) Teradata System Emulation Tool (TSET).

b) Teradata Visual Explain

c) Teradata Statistics Wizard

d) Teradata Index Wizard

Q) Which three are attributes of an Active Data Warehouse? (Choose three.)

a) high availability

b) tactical queries

c) complex queries

d) expanding batch windows

Q) Which join plan makes use of a primary index on each of two tables with matching partitioned primary indexes (PPIs)?

a) rowkey-based merge

b) nested

c) exclusion merge

d) rowhash merge

Q) You are evaluating the possible use of a hash index on a multi-terabyte table. Which two factors complicate the implementation of a hash index on such a table? (Choose two.)

a) A partitioned primary index (PPI) is defined on the table.

b) A large number of users access the table

c) Triggers are defined on the table.

d) The maintenance job for the table is MultiLoad.

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