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Positivity in April


Last updated on April 1, 2021 19:30


What you’ll learn

  • Coping…with Christmas…with January…with February
  • Daily lectures on key areas of coping with the stresses that the Christmas period will bring

For the Christmas Period section:

It looks like the Christmas month i.e. December is going to be cold, with economic woes, COVID woes – to add to the usual problems of ‘flu, anxiety (over Christmas) loneliness, health problems – and stress. Already in the Autumn there were record increases in alcohol consumption. Record rises in abuse, suicides and…hospital waiting lists.

This course – Christmas Blues – is quite simply, a daily dose of positivity, hints, tips, encouragement, advice, ideas and invitations to participate. In September the ‘September Blues‘ was launched on several existing courses and was met with praise. This course includes various extracts from the September Blues course.

The course has now started – and here is an extract from the latest review:

“This IS a course where you get just as much, if not more, from the other students than you do from the teacher. This IS a course where you’ll find yourself diving down rabbit holes after interesting information that you never would have thought to research if left to your own devices. This course is the equivalent of both a morning cup of coffee to fire you up and a steamy cup of tea beside the fireplace in the evening to help you wind down. This course is only as good as you make it through your own participation. Come join us, there’s plenty of time to catch up!”

This was then extended to cover 2021 blues!

Who this course is for:

  • All worried about and during Christmas break – and in need of an uplift
  • Those feeling down in February

Course content

  • Please watch this first!
  • Introduction
  • Examples from the September Blues series
  • September Blues – ‘Odd’ dates only
  • Christmas countdown
  • Art Therapy – 12 Days of Xmas
  • Positivity (by public request)
  • By Students, For Students
  • Improving your English (Optional)
  • Bonus



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