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Preparing Powerful Consulting Presentations


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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to structure ideas in your presentations both across each slide and the whole deck
  • The flow of your presentations will improve via proper slide sequencing
  • You will learn by examples how to use frameworks that help build a presentation starting from loose ideas (SPQA, storyboarding, etc.)
  • Your presentations will contain less mistakes and inconsistencies thanks to provided guidelines and checklists
  • You will understand how to choose appropriate visualisation methods to support your message
  • Your presentations will look much better thanks to taught best practices regarding graphics used by top consulting firms (with examples)

The majority of business communication happens with the use of presentations. Decks of PowerPoint and Keynote slides are used during most business meetings, they are employed to summarise key ideas in written communication and even replace Word documents as the form of choice for longer text pieces that include charts and graphics. In short, presentations are ubiquitous. Whether you still study, work in business or the public sector, or do research chances are you work with slide decks almost every day. If you are involved in creating any kind of slides used to convey information you will profit from taking this course

Consultants of the top consulting firms are widely considered the masters of powerful presentations. The reason for it is their use of specific tools and rules when preparing presentations. In this course you will learn about these methods (and see examples of their use) which include:

  • adjusting your presentations to its purpose and audience
  • using the SPQA (Situation, Problem, Question, Answers) framework to define your presentation
  • structuring your slides vertically and horizontally and filling them with meaningful charts
  • abiding by several slide construction rules and argument structuring guidelines
  • using checklists to make sure your slides are flawless. 

I will also walk you through best practices of slides preparation and equip you with pre-defined rule sets for preparing powerful presentations that you will be able to download. 

Enroll now and take your presentation skills to the next level!

Who this course is for:

  • Junior analysts and consultants starting their consulting career
  • Entrepreneurs starting their adventure with business
  • Managers, project managers and project team members who employ slides in their daily work
  • Researchers (especially those preparing for conference presentations)
  • Students (especially those attending business schools)
  • Everyone interested in taking their slide preparation skills to the next level

Course content

  • Introduction
  • From task definition to structured presentation
  • Drafting the presentation
  • Perfecting your presentation
  • The final checklists

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