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Scala Programming In-Depth


Last updated on October 11, 2021 20:55


What you’ll learn

  • Scala Programming from scratch to in-depth, starting from simple Hello World programs, Deep diving into Data Structures, Operators (Mathematical, Logical, Conditional) to concepts of OOPs and Functional Programming with Programs solved.
  • Scala In Depth

Learn Scala Programming From Scratch To Depth


From Simple program to Data Structures to OOPS and Functional Programming. Every thing covered with Hands on programming.


Taught in very simple english language so any once can follow the course easily.


No Prerequisites


Perfect start point to learn scala for Big Data Spark, Play, Scalatra, Lift, Sinatra, etc

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to learn Scala to use in Big Data – Spark or to build Frameworks, Applications, etc

Course content

  • Scala Indepth


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