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SURVIVAL Russian: all the necessary words and phrases


Last updated on March 21, 2021 17:14


What you’ll learn

  • Russian language
  • How to pronounce Russian words
  • How to write Russian letters
  • How to make simple sentences
  • How to speak about your needs

Привет! Let’s learn Russian! I’ll teach you the very basic words and phrases that you need to know if you are going visit Russia. You will master the alphabet! I believe that you can learn it within 2 or 3 days (I recommend you to use Quizlet).

After you learn the alphabet, you will learn the written Russian. I will write letters in Russian, so that you could take a notebook and repeat after me. Finally, if you learned the alphabet, you’ll be able to read every Russian word that you see. And we will practice it too. But since you’re a beginner, in this course I will use the words that came from Latin, so that you could recognise words in this course without a dictionary.

After the course you can brag that you know things, that the others don’t know! Additionally, I will  teach you how to speak Russian without an accent.

But remember – your success depends on your self-motivation to study and learn the vocabulary. Let’s start our journey!

Who this course is for:

  • English-speakers who want to learn basics of Russian

Course content

  • Basics


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