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TE0-121 12 Teradata Basics Certified Practice Exam


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Sample Questions

Q) Which three are terms that are associated with star schema and dimensional modeling? (Choose three.)

a) facts

b) entities

c) attributes

d) snowflakes

e) dimensions

Q) For what reason would a multi-level partitioned primary index (MLPPI) be defined as opposed to a single-level partitioned primary index (PPI)?

a) to eliminate the need for a USI

b) to avoid the need to collect statistics on PARTITION

c) to provide multiple access paths to rows in the base table

d) to improve data distribution across all partitions on all AMPs

Q) When comparing a Primary Key and a Primary Index, which statement is unique for the Primary Key?

a) It implies an access path to the data.

b) It identifies relationships between views.

c) It can be made up of a maximum of 64 columns.

d) It is a logical database representational concept.

Q) For a table-level lock, which two lock type combinations are compatible? (Choose two.)

a) Read and Read

b) Read and Share

c) Read and Write

d) Access and Write

Q) Which hardware component protects data when a disk drive fails?

a) the fallback AMP

b) the backup node

c) redundant disk drives

d) redundant disk controllers

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