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Understanding Communication: Communicating your Best-Self


Last updated on May 2, 2021 21:48


What you’ll learn

  • Find your truth
  • Speak it out
  • Discard anything that isn’t you
  • Be awesome

How genuine can you be?
What does it mean to be genuine for you?

To me, I’m sitting on the floor because, who the hell am I really?

We communicate with everything that we do. Every gesture, every movement, every thought with ourselves.

Portraying and Interpreting intention.

Information moving through energy.

How we interpret those patterns is our reality.

Patterns build up through the course of our lives. The people we watched growing up, and the society around us and the culture it displays.

We build ideas of what is right and what is wrong and in reality, the only truth is our own, one of genuine thought and action towards the things we find meaningful in life.

It’s important for us to realize that, and be able to adopt the lifestyle and attitudes to communicate that in our being every day. Even on our worst days.

Communicating is one thing that if we change about ourselves will have the biggest impact on our lives

When we didn’t say what we knew we should have. When we felt something and covered it up with something else just to get by.

The people that know us will resist us changing.

How we communicate with the world is how we see the world.

It’s happening in us and all the time.

Take yourself to the next level.
Take your communication to the next level.

Join me.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone

Course content

  • Introduction

Created by : Khalid Yassin


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