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Valuable Suggestions to SAP aspirants and SAP Consultants


Last updated on September 13, 2021 12:38


What you’ll learn

  • Suggestions to SAP aspirants who are working in Purchasing, Accounting, Stores, Sales etc. departments
  • Suggestions to SAP aspirants who are Trained and Certified Freshers
  • Tips to remember Accounting Entries in P2P Cycle
  • Tips to remember Movement Types in SAP Inventory Management
  • Tips to prepare for SAP Interviews
  • Suggestions to get the Job in Foreign Countries

In this course, I covered few general topics along with technical topics.

General Topics:

– Suggestions to the employees who are working as Clerk or Executive or Managers in different departments like Purchasing, Sales, Stores (Inventory or Logistics), Engineering, Plant Maintenance, Marketing, Production, Quality, etc.

– Importance of SAP Knowledge and the benefits with the knowledge in one’s career

– Clear suggestions to SAP End users who always confuse about their future plan

– Guidance to SAP Certified Freshers who are fresh graduates

– Guidance to SAP Trained Freshers who are fresh graduates

– Importance of SAP Certification during the Job search

– Suggestions to get the Job in a Foreign country

– Multiple ways to plan from now to get the dream job abroad

– Suggestions to escape from fake job offers


SAP Knowledge Topics:

– Most people struggle to remember Movement types during the beginning of their career. I have provided inputs to remember and handle efficiently

– High-level goods movements are explained based on starting a number of the movement types. For example, 1 series for Goods Receipt, cancellation, return, etc.

– Remembering and understanding Accounting Entries is really a big challenge to most SAP Consultants. I did my best to give tips to understand better in this course for the accounting entries related to P2P Cycle

– Difference between Debit entry and Credit entry with the linkage of accounting entries among Goods Receipt, Invoice Receipt, and Payment are explained in this course with suitable examples

– Multiple cases are taken as an example to explain clearly to the audience





Who this course is for:

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Employees from Purchasing Department
  • Employees from Logistics Department
  • Employees from Sales Department
  • Employees from Accounting Department
  • Employees from Production Department
  • Employees from Plant Maintenance Department
  • SAP MM Consultants

Course content

  • Suggestions to SAP Aspirants and SAP MM Consultants


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