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Vibration Lifting Guide for Corporate Employees, part 1


Last updated on April 5, 2021 14:47


What you’ll learn

  • Fast solutions to raise your vibration
  • Understanding energy thieves
  • Understanding how feelings raise of lower your vibration
  • Purifying your space
  • The toxic work ethics
  • Removing mental blockages and limiting beliefs with the use of affirmations
  • How powerful your thoughts are

You have finally got your dream job in a large corporation. Yes, that job you have been wanting for years, that job you have graduated two master’s for, that job you have taken a dozen courses for, that job you have been planning since childhood. You are a great manager, or team leader, or an amazing specialist. You score professional success after success, but are you happy? Do you wake up in the morning eager to start work? Oh…that was years ago? Hm…how come I know? Because I’ve been there, done that. I am sure corporate employees are not happy. I’ve met a lot and I know. I’ve been one and I know. To get the idea, go visit a place where corporate people shop or eat – a supermarket near an office area is perfect – you will meet corporate employees coming there to buy some lunch. Notice their sad faces or their fake smiles, notice the way they constantly check their watches to make sure their break is not over yet and they don’t have to run yet to their desks, notice their tired eyes in the evening after hours and hours spent in front of the PC, notice how they speak to their children (or how they ignore their children while running around the supermarket and speaking on the phone to solve yet another urgent matter late in the evening).

You can’t give up your job, or at least not yet. Being an entrepreneur is not for you or you are not ready yet. But you want to be better now. So, how do you do it? Well, there are a few techniques you can use right now, right on the spot as you still work for your dream corporation. Check them out. Awareness never hurt anybody.

Part one is about quick solutions to raise your vibration for each problem you may have that is making you unhappy, information about the work ethics, a strong toxic notion that is holding you where you are, about energy thieves, about feelings, affirmations and a bit about the power of thought. Check it out. Love, Geo

Who this course is for:

  • Any employee feeling trapped in a stressful environment trying to raise his/her vibration and gaining their energy back

Course content

  • Hi and Welcome to My Course
  • Fast Solutions to Raise Your Vibration Now
  • Understanding Energy Thieves
  • About Feelings
  • About Work Ethics and Money
  • Purifying Your Space
  • The Power of Affirmations
  • The Power of Thought
  • See You in Part 2

Created by : Georgiana Mihalache


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