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5 Days of Matlab, Simulink & SimScape – New 2022!


Last updated on November 21, 2022 8:19 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Model and simulate Mechanical Systems Using Physical Modeling techniques in SimScape
  • Model and Simulate Systems in the Time Domain Using Simulink
  • Analyze Systems Response and Change Model Parameters Using Matlab Live Scripts
  • Understand the Basic Concepts of Control Systems and Develop their Own Controllers in Simulink
  • Understand Control System Theory, Develop PID controllers, and Tune Controllers in Simulink
  • Convert Systems from Time Domain to S-Domain Using Laplace Transform
  • Understand the Concept of Transfer Functions
  • Understand the Impact of Stiffness and Damping Coefficients on Second-Order Systems
  • Understand the Theory and Intuition Behind Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Neural Networks
  • Train Artificial Intelligence Classifier Models in Matlab to Detect and Classify Diabetes and Cancer diseases
  • Understand classifier model Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as accuracy, Area Under Curve (AUC) and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve

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Do you want to learn Matlab, Simulink, and Simscape in a practical, easy, fun, and engaging way?

Do you want to build powerful simulation models in Simulink & Simscape but don’t know where to start?

Are you an absolute beginner who want to break into modeling/simulation in Simulink and Simscape and looking for a course that has everything you need?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

Simulink is a powerful MATLAB-based tool used to design and simulate mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, and hydraulic systems using a large comprehensive drag and drop library.

This course is unique and exceptional in many ways. Every day, we will spend 1-2 hours together and learn how to build and simulate Matlab, Simulink and simscape models.

The course is designed in a unique project-based learning approach, and you will learn by doing!

The course includes several practice opportunities, quizzes, and final capstone projects.

Students who enroll in this course will be able to:

  1. Model and simulate Mechanical Systems Using Physical Modeling techniques in SimScape

  2. Model and Simulate Systems in the time domain using Simulink

  3. Analyze the system response and change model parameters using Matlab Live Scripts

  4. Understand the basic concepts of control systems and develop their own controllers in Simulink

  5. Understand control system theory, develop PID controllers, and tune controllers in Simulink

  6. Impress future (or current) employers with your marketable skills in MATLAB/Simulink

  7. Convert systems from the time domain to S-Domain Using Laplace Transform

  8. Understand the concept of transfer functions

  9. Understand the impact of the stiffness and damping coefficients on second order systems

  10. Understand the theory and intuition behind Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks

  11. Train Artificial Intelligence models in Matlab to detect and classify diabetes and cancer diseases

  12. Understand classifier model Key Performance indicators such as accuracy and ROC Curve

  13. Understand how to plot confusion matrices using Matlab

  14. Learn the difference between training, validation, and testing dataset

So who this course is for?

The course is targeted towards anyone wanting to gain a fundamental understanding of Matlab, Simulink and simscape and solve practical real world business problems.

In this course:

(1) you will have a true practical project-based learning experience, we will build over 5 projects together

(2) You will have access to all the codes, Simulink models and slides

(3) You will get a certificate of completion that you can post on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills in Simulink and SimScape to employers.

(4) All this comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give a course a try risk free!

Check out the preview videos and the outline to get an idea of the projects we will be covering.

Enroll today and let’s harness the power of Matlab Simulink and SimScape together!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn Matlab, Simulink and Simscape Fundamentals and develop their own Models from scratch
  • Engineers and scientists who are curious about control systems and system modeling
  • Anyone who’s passionate about technology and want to build powerful simulation models
  • Control Systems Engineers wanting to learn how to build and tune PID Controllers
  • Anyone who want to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning and want to learn practical real world applications using Matlab and simulink
  • Seasoned consultants wanting to transform businesses by leveraging Virtual tools


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