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Ace Waves and Optics in 7.5 Hours (The Complete Course)


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What you’ll learn

  • Identify objects undergo simple harmonic motion (with linear restoring force)
  • Understand and describe the solutions to SHM
  • Study the motion in simple pendulum, circular motion, and vertical oscillations
  • Describe and calculate the energy involved in SHM as a function of time or position
  • Identify a transverse and longitudinal wave
  • Understand the history graph and snapshot graph of a travelling mechanical wave
  • Study the motion of a travelling sinusoidal wave
  • Understand the BCs and solve a standing wave
  • Quantify the pitch and intensity of a sound using physical quantities
  • Derive and lean the applications of the Doppler Effect
  • Study the interference of sound and light waves
  • Understand light’s diffraction property
  • Apply light’s reflection and refraction properties in geometric optics
  • Study the image formed by reflection and refraction

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This course, Ace Waves and Optics in 7.5 Hours (The Complete Course), is intended to introduce the student to a broad range of physical phenomena involving waves (including mechanical waves, sound waves, and electromagnetic waves), geometrical and physical optics. The course includes videos, notes from whiteboard during lectures, and practice problems (with solutions!). I also show every single step in examples and proofs. The course is organized into the following topics:

  • Oscillatory Motion

  • Mechanical Waves

  • Standing Waves

  • Sound Waves

  • Light

  • Geometric Optics

  • Geometric Optics: Lenses

  • Geometric Optics: Mirrors


Videos: I start each topic by introducing and explaining the concept. I share all my solving-problem techniques using examples. I show a variety of math issue you may encounter in class and make sure you can solve any problem by yourself.

Notes: In each section, you will find my notes as downloadable resource that I wrote during lectures. So you can review the notes even when you don’t have internet access (but I encourage you to take your own notes while taking the course!).

Assignments: After you watch me doing some examples, now it’s your turn to solve the problems! Be honest and do the practice problems before you check the solutions! If you pass, great! If not, you can review the videos and notes again before moving on to the next section.


  • An instructor who truly cares about your success

  • Lifetime access to Ace Waves and Optics in 7.5 Hours (The Complete Course)


#1: Downloadable lectures so you can watch the videos whenever and wherever you are.

#2: Downloadable lecture notes so you can review the lectures without having a device to watch/listen.

#3: Six problem sets at the end of each section (with solutions!) for you to do more practice.

#4: Step-by-step guide to help you solve problems.

See you inside the course!

– Gina 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended to introduce the student to a broad range of physical phenomena involving waves (mechanical waves, sound waves, and electromagnetic waves), and geometrical and physical optics.
  • This course is for anyone who has completed high school math (precalculus) and physics (mechanics), and is interested in getting into the science field.
  • This course is for current waves and optics students who are looking for extra help outside school.
  • This course could be for anyone who is not in science stream but wants to study physics for fun.


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