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Ancient wisdom and meditation


Last updated on November 19, 2022 8:09 pm


What you’ll learn

  • motivating for new paths
  • explore ancient Greek phylosophy
  • open new horizons
  • self development

A look through philosofers eyes about our soul and its wings.We will see that  body is the one that born and dies.

it is soul that makes the mediation between the material and immaterial world , has never been born nor will it ever die.

Deepen in the true knowledge of ancient civilitations we earn inner peace,patience, respect for others, compassion, remembrance and reconnection with a spiritual identity, freedom from the fear of death and freedom from anxiety and depression. To live harmoniously we might need to understand those who have been living in synchronicity with mother Earth.Ancient wisdom for modern living provides insight and practical answers to today’s economics,social and of cource personal problems.

At this course we will try to answer to questions like: How can we explain our soul, what is our purpose in this life. Why do we reincarnated? And when does it stop? what is the difference between meditation and recollection? How can we be a better person through knowing ourselves? Every human being has a unique light to shine. And that’s one you too! And inside your body lives a history of humans that came before and will continue beyond. Your level of awareness and the wisdom gained from it shapes who you are at your core. Wisdom is the collection and application of insights that guide decisions to lead to a more harmonious life within yourself and community.

Who this course is for:

  • sefl developing lovers


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