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Building A Malicious Program Using Java (Ethical Hacking)


Last updated on November 23, 2022 8:20 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Discover the world of Ethical Hacking and Security With Java
  • Building a Graphical User Interfaces program using java
  • Building a Professional Spyware Program for target side
  • hiding a malicious code in legal application (mathematica program)
  • solving a second degree equation and operation between the matrix using java and GUI
  • Storing Collecting Data target into database with professional way.

in this course we will build an advanced malicious program using java language, we will begin from theoretical part until we reach into expremental part.

we will try to hide a malicious code into legal program.

this legal program has this features :

  • beautiful design with graphical user interface.

  • solve second degree equation.

  • do all the operation(addition, subtraction , division and multiplication element by element) between two matrix.

  • executed in any operation system platform .

  • contains a malicious code without any┬ásuspect things.

  • store data target into database without any suspect from target.

  • interacts with the command shell

the data that was collected from the legal program ( mathematica ) are :

  1. public ip and local ip target.

  2. Host Mac Ethernet board.

  3. All interfaces network.

  4. All connected ip addresses from the target.

  5. operating system info.

  6. All list process.

  7. Name of root user.

  8. Screenshot target.

the mathematica program just for target side , we will also build another program (spy) for hacker side , which provide the attacker all news and data targets.

through this program the hacker can do :

  1. get a report about data targets.

  2. see the screenshot of targets.

  3. save data target into text file.

we will build all this things step by step , so subscribe for this course and i will do my best to satisfy you .

I request from you just to be patient and you have a willingness to learn.

Who this course is for:

  • any one will want to be a white hat in the future
  • everyone who is a cybersecurity researcher
  • everyone will want to be a professional developer using java


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