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Flutter BLoC State Management [2022] – From Scratch


Last updated on November 25, 2022 6:06 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Flutter BLoC from scratch by step-by-step explanations
  • Make Amazing Tasks App [To Do App] Using Flutter BLoC State Management
  • Also you learn: Add task, Delete Task, Mark as Done/Undone, Mark as Favourite/Unfavourite, Restore Task, Clear Bin Folder, Change Theme ( Dark and Light )
  • Flutter Widgets such as: Drawer, PopupMenu, ExpansionPanel, BottomNavigationBar and so on…

Hi there!
This Full Course about Real Tasks App [To Do App] Using Flutter BLoC Pattern (v8.0) State Management And here you learn:

1) Add tasks –  You can add a new task with its description and the task remains there even if you do hot-reload or hot-restart because of Hydrated BLoC.
2) Delete Task – You can Delete a Task and that task moves to Recycle Bin folder of the App.
3) Mark as Done/Undone – when you’ve done a task, it moved to Completed Tasks Tab or vice versa.
4) Mark as Favourite/Unfavourite – you can mark a task as a favorite and you can find that task in the Favorites Tab.
5) Restore Task – you can restore a task and that task re-appears in the Pending Tasks Tab.
6) Clear Bin Folder – There is a ”Clear All Tasks button in the Recycle Bin folder, it deletes all tasks and clears the Recycle Bin folder.
7) Change Theme (Dark and Light)  – In the Drawer, there is a switch, by which you can change the App Theme into Dark and Light mode.
Flutter Widgets such as:
Popup Menu
Expansion Panel
Bottom Navigation Bar
and many other Flutter widgets.
I hope you enjoy the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Flutter Developer who wants to learn Flutter BLoC Pattern from scratch, step by step
  • Developers who want to build apps with Flutter using BLoC State Management


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