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Contract management in easy steps

Last updated on September 21, 2022 11:17 am


Contract management is an essential part of every business. It is a process of implementing protocols to ensure that suppliers deliver agreed outputs at minimum risk to the organisation with maximum returns.

There have been few well documented public examples of where contracts have failed to deliver to agreed standards, as such there is a growing importance for contract managers to be better equipped to manage contracts.

In this course I will be sharing with you some practical contract management tools, strategies and procedures to ensure that contact management is not just treated as a tick box exercise but instead, a tool to optimise products or service outputs. So yes we’ll be covering theories but we will also be covering practical day to day processes to help you more effectively mange contracts whether you are new to contract management or an old hand wanting a refresher.

In this course we’ll be covering

1. Elements of a contract – including offer acceptance and consideration

2. Types of commercial contracts for business

·Fixed price / lump sum

·Cost reimbursement / cost plus

·Time and material

3. Importance of contract management

4. Key contract management activities

· Pre- award

· Post- award

5. Financial Models

· Net present value

· Should cost model

· What if analysis

6. Contract Management Activities

7. Important skills for contract managers

8. Contract category management

Well it promises to be a packed but concise course, one which I think you will find valuable. So if this is something of interest to you. Please join the course and I’ll see you in the next lecture.

Who this course is for:

  • All levels of experience interested in contract management


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