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Free Personal Success Tutorial – Learning with Purpose

“You are the Blessing that We Seek”

Last updated on September 18, 2022 1:22 pm


According to the Department of Education, minority kids are less likely to attend higher level courses (e.g. Honors, Advance Placement), no surprises they are also less likely to be ready for college (1), (2). The reasons are numerous, Blacks students are less likely to be offered these courses, teachers expect less of them, they don’t have a guidance counselor, and spend less time in class (1). Our minorities need guidance and tutoring. We at BASSA develop Grassroot K-12 Mentoring & Tutoring to help student of “learn with purpose”

Facilitating personal development via teaching and learning strategic career development. BASSA goal is to alleviating the educational disparity within the minority community through developing purpose in the youth. “It is easier to learn if you already know your objective in the beginning.” Thus, we aim to make education a targeted goal for every young individuals in our community instead of a burden. Our kids fail to develop an interest in learning not only because of lack of access to resources, also a lack of purpose. It is difficult to succeed in learning the things that is not known; however, if a purpose is known then interest can generate overtime. Interest will breathe resilience, passion, and patience. A purpose couple with Grit is the beginning to choosing a life that one wants instead of a life where things are happening to you. BASSA “Learning with Purpose” is choosing the life that you want.

Who this course is for:

  • Potential Mentors for Berakhah Association of Scholarship and Social Advancement and other individual that want to learn about career development, mentorship, and youth development.


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