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Free Problem Solving Tutorial – Problem Solving Technique & Tools

Last updated on January 20, 2023 8:45 pm


Problems are inevitable challenges in everyday practice. The important aspect is not the presence of problem, but how you can solve these problems. In this brief course, you can learn the IDEAL approach for solving the problems in a systematic way while using multiple tools and techniques to identify the causes and the priorities. IDEAL is an acronym for Identify the problem, D for Describe the outcome needed, E for Explore alternative, while A for Anticipate the outcomes and act, and lastly L for Look and Learn. First, in using the IDEAL Mode, we start with the right definition of the problem, then we can learn how to use and apply Focus Group, which is a method for the collection of data from a homogenous group of customers through a moderator, we also learn the brainstorming technique in a structured and unstructured method. We also will implement 5 whys tool and fishbone diagram. All previous models and tools will be presented in a practical example. After Identification, we run through D for describing the outcome through SMART Objectives, then Explore all possible strategies through different techniques and Anticipate the outcome and act, lastly with Look and learn. After finishing the course, you will learn able to solve any problem you may face in your workplace.

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone want to learn something new in management.


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