Free Web Design Tutorial – Learn how to make a restaurant website with html and Css

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In this course you will be learning how to make a minimalist restaurant web template with the basic programming languages Html and Css. The website contains two pages (Home and Menu) and it’s completely responsive.

– First Section:

Home page

(2 videos)

The home page is divided in 4 sections:

1. Top: Background image, intro text and button, navbar and logo.

2. Grid: Make a Grid with 4 images with a zoom-in hover animation.

3. About: Vertical Title, paragraph with the about info and a image.

4. Locations and contact: Centered info with the different locations and a Contact number, we will be adding also icons with Font awesome.

– Second Section:

Menu Page

(2 videos)

The menu page is also divided in 4 sections, each section contains the image of the pizza on one side and the info on the other side with the ingredients and the prices for familiar and personal size, also we will add dividers in the middle of the sections.

– Third Section:

(1 video)

The last section will consist in make our web template responsive for all devices.

That includes both pages (Home and menu).

We will be applying the media screen to add the code to different devices like tables phones and more.

Let’s get start it!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate html and Css programmers


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