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Global Negotiations Master Class – Complete Guide & Secrets


Last updated on November 24, 2022 7:51 pm


What you’ll learn

  • The art of developing primary and secondary objectives for your upcoming negotiations
  • Researching the other party to develop your negotiation objectives and strategies
  • Mapping your negotiation objectives with those of the other party for maximizing success
  • Negotiation best practices, strategic awareness and other considerations
  • Preparing yourself to position yourself for maximum success in your next negotiations
  • The types of Power and use of Power to maximize your success
  • Leveraging your concessions to win the other party’s concessions to maximize returns
  • Cross-cultural considerations, techniques and best practices to maximize your objectives
  • Over 50 of the top negotiation tactics master negotiators use every time in their art
  • Leveraging the use of body-language both yours and theirs to maximize your success
  • Complete Road Map to negotiation including do’s and don’ts throughout the process
  • Final advice and application of some of the techniques shared in this course

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Welcome to my course “Global Negotiations Master Class – Complete Guide & Secrets”. 

In this course I have shared all the essential techniques master negotiators use daily to succeed in their lives.  I have drawn from 100s of 7 and 8 figures deals I have concluded in my decades of business experience and laid it out in simple to understand presentation based narration to maximize your learning.   

In this step-by-step master class I will teach you how to

1.  Develop your comprehensive negotiation roadmap from initial research all the way to preparing the strategies you will utilize including concessions you are willing to make to win terms you are seeking in return and achieve the outcome you want. 

2.  I will teach you how to start the negotiations, identify and utilize the tactics that will offer the greatest leverage for that situation, including successfully maneuvering through multi-cultural global settings. 

3.  I will teach you how to control your body language including the unintentional messages your body can amplify and how to read the other party’s body language to gain significant advantage to achieve success.  This includes facial expressions, posture and hands.

4.  I will teach you the classic “Do’s”; the processes you must use when in negotiations to transform you into a master negotiator.  I will also cover the “Don’ts”; the processes you must stay away from in a negotiations. 

5.  Finally, I will present the total roadmap to guide you through your next negotiations which you can use as reference in your daily lives.  From start to finish.

Negotiations is similar to chess which is a game of strategy and positioning.  Every move you make has certain consequences.  Being aware of the consequences will position you light-years ahead of your counterparts and tilt the power balance.  Grandmaster chess players plan 7 moves ahead.  Similarly, I will teach you how to plan ahead to give you negotiating leverage and transform you into a master negotiator.

By the end of the course, you will have gained all the necessary knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. So what are you waiting for?  Let’s board this train to success. 

Who this course is for:

  • For professionals in the business world
  • For professionals in their daily lives
  • Anyone who wants to improve their success and quality of life


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