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Landscape Photography Workshop: Inspiration & Tips


Last updated on December 6, 2022 8:24 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Take better landscape photos
  • Quickly improve your landscape photography with lighting, composition & editing
  • Master focus when doing landscape photography
  • Learn editing tips to improve your landscape photography

What makes a great landscape photo compared to a mediocre one?

How can you quickly improve your landscape photography using the camera & lenses that you already have?

What are the easiest ways to take landscape photos that make others go ‘WOW!’?

If you’re interested in landscape photography, but struggle to capture images like the ones you see from other photographers, this is the perfect photography course for you.

This short & to-the-point workshop contains dozens of tips & techniques that you can start implementing today.

Key concepts will you learn:

  • Learn the easiest way to instantly improve your landscape photography… LIGHTING

  • Learn how to use several composition techniques capture more interesting photos

  • Learn how to properly focus so that everything from your foreground to infinity is sharp

  • Learn basic and advanced editing techniques to make your photos pop

After just 1 hour, you’ll be more confident taking photos that inspire you, get more likes, and wow your fans!

This course is taught using photography inspiration from professional photographers around the world, your instructor’s real-world case studies, and historical photography great Ansel Adams. This course is based on advanced photography theory, and you’ll come away with an in-depth knowledge of what makes a photo… great, compared to okay.

If you want to quickly improve your landscape photography, this is the photography course for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Photographers who want their landscape photography to quickly improve


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