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Programming for Beginners


Programing Basis for any Language Programming

Last updated on September 23, 2022 10:02 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Get Programing Foundations
  • Get the most common Flow of Control
  • Understand what is a Variable
  • Understand what is a Program

This course is especially thought for who want to learn JavaScript, before to take a course of JavaScript.

In this course the student will understand the foundations of any language like JAVA, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C, C++, C#, R, Pyton and others languages.

We will see:

  • What Program is.

  • How the computer runs a program and how it is executed.

  • What is role of the Processor and the Ram Memory when we run a program.

  • Where¬† the program is when it is executed.

  • What a variable is, what is a Boolean Type or String Type?

  • The concept of Memory Address.

Into a Processor we analyze step by step.

  • How is executed an IF… ELSE.. statement.

  • How is executed an do while loop statement.

  • How is executed an while loop statement.


  • GOTO




  • IFGO

We will use a spreadsheet to illustrate how are the Memory Internals.

We will code many programs in JavaScript to illustrate them.

This  is an entry level course for everyone who what to learn programing but at the moment do not know what is the best language for him, or for someone who want to know what programming is about, or for a beginner who want to learn how are the program executed inside of the computer.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who never program at all
  • Someone who what to know what is programming about
  • Someone who wants to learn how to program a programing language and do not know what is better for him or her..


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