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The Perfect Email: Learn Effective Email Etiquette Writing


Last updated on November 23, 2022 8:20 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the essential parts of an e-mail and how to use each effectively
  • Know when and when not to use email to communicate.
  • Understand what to do and what not to do when writing an email
  • Write a good looking structured email.
  • Learn the skills to write professional subject lines, greetings and closings.
  • Learn tips on how to get your email open and read.

Chosen as one of the “10 online courses will teach you skills you didn’t learn in college” by Business Insider 2017.

Most of us spend hours and hours through hundreds of emails that each of us sends and receives every day. We use e-mail to stay in touch while we are working, travelling or from home using desktops, laptops or smart phones. We are using e-mail to communicate with colleagues, employers, friends, family, as well as with business contacts around the world 24×7.

Email combines the spontaneity and informality of spoken communication without the body language and vocal hints with the strength of written communication.

However, Because of the speed with which they can be created and their lack of formality, many of us make embarrassing little mistakes that can easily cause problems, misunderstood, waste time, and reflect poorly on our image. Many people seem to forget that e-mail is, in fact, written communication, and, consequently, treat it much less carefully. Those who write the e-mails often seem to be overlooking how their message is coming across to the receiver.

Just as face to face communication etiquette affects your image, also what you write and how you write it affects the impression people take about you and the image of your organization.

Email etiquette is some sort of unspoken ground rules of writing emails and if you don’t know the etiquette of writing emails by now, then there is a big chance you might be losing opportunities already.

A slight mistake in an email might get your email totally ignored or even deleted right away or on the other hand it can get you labeled as a professional communicator and make a positive impression when communicating with new people.

In this course I will talk in detail about every aspect of writing the perfect email. You will learn when and when not to use email. When to use the CC and BCC elements of the emails. How to write a subject line that will attract your recipient attention. Learn the skills to write professional greetings, openings and closings. We will also talk about how to professionally layout a good looking email and of course how to make your readers acknowledge your professional writing style, tone, language used. All these are all worthy of your careful attention in order to earn trust and command respect.

Even if you have used email for ages, this course still is for you. All you need to do is follow the coming email etiquette tips in order to give your recipients the information they need, so they can act on your message and to give to yourself the professional image you deserve.

So sign up now and I assure you that you will see improvements in your email writing skills right away.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone uses email
  • Employees, managers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Students
  • Job seekers


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