AZ-800 Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure Exam

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These practice tests are designed to help you develop the exact skills you need to pass the Microsoft AZ-800 exam, guaranteed. Throughout the practice tests, you will answer all the questions and know where your strengths and weaknesses lie before taking the official AZ-800 exam. Our AZ-800 practice tests will incorporate all the skills covered in the exam references, giving you a chance to prepare and feel confident. We will also cover everything you need to know about the certification process itself, including the exam structure, we explain each question for you to better understand the whole environment in the latest AZ-800 exam references. Finally, we’ll close with a full practice exam, with knowledge-based questions and a case study designed to mirror actual exam experience and ensure you’re ready for the real deal. If you are ready to improve your AZ-800 skills, increase your earning potential and become a qualified and certified professional, this is the course for you.

Skills Measured:

  • Deploy and manage Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in on-premises and cloud environments (30-35%)

  • Manage Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment (10-15%)

  • Manage virtual machines and containers (15-20%)

  • mplement and manage an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure (15-20%)

  • Manage storage and file services (15-20%)

Why choose this Practice Test?

Quality test content is extremely important to us so that you are prepared on exam day. We ensure that all exam objectives are covered in depth so that you are ready for any exam question. Our practice tests are written by industry experts in the field. Practice Test Online performance-based simulations provide hands-on experience in the workplace

The questions are similar to exam questions so you can test your knowledge of the exam objectives

Detailed explanations for correct and distracting answers reinforce the material

Certification Mode (timed) prepares students for exam conditions

Instant and detailed score reports tell you exactly what areas to focus on.

Who this course is for:

  • IT


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