Web API Development Using MVC and .NET 6/7

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What you’ll learn

  • What is a Web API?
  • Build a Web API Project
  • Use PostMan and Swagger to Test API Calls
  • Configure your Web API using Config Classes
  • Determine the Return Type to Use
  • Format Data as JSON or XML
  • Setup Web API Routes
  • Add Logging to your Web API Calls
  • Add Exception Handling to your Web API Calls
  • Develop a Complete Set of CRUD APIs
  • Call your Web APIs from JavaScript/jQuery
  • Add CORS to Allow Cross-Domain Calls
  • The Basics of Securing Web APIs
  • Calling Web APIs Asynchronously

Introducing the Ultimate Web APIs Course by Paul D. Sheriff

Unlock the Power of Web APIs to Share Data Securely!

Are you looking to seamlessly connect other developers to your private domain’s data? Look no further! Our comprehensive Web APIs course is the perfect solution to accomplish this efficiently and securely.

Why Choose Web APIs?

Web APIs offer the most effective means to access your data within a private domain while exposing only the information you want to share with the outside world. With Microsoft’s support, you’ll learn to build Web APIs using the popular MVC paradigm, setting you up for success in this ever-evolving field.

What’s in Store for You?

Our course begins with a solid foundation, providing you with a general overview of Web APIs. From there, you’ll dive into practical hands-on experience. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Building an MVC Web API Project: Learn to create a powerful Web API project from scratch.

  2. Consuming Web APIs: Master the art of consuming Web APIs using industry-standard tools like Postman and Swagger.

  3. Data Formatting: Configure your project to return data in various formats, including JSON and XML.

  4. Routing and Exception Handling: Understand the basics of routing and add essential logging and exception handling capabilities.

  5. CRUD APIs: Build a set of CRUD APIs that allows seamless interaction with your database.

  6. Cross-Domain Access: Discover how to call your APIs via JavaScript/jQuery and implement CORS for hassle-free cross-domain access.

  7. Securing Your Web APIs: Learn the fundamental techniques to secure your valuable Web APIs.

Why Learn from Paul D. Sheriff?

As your experienced instructor, Paul D. Sheriff has been at the forefront of teaching developers since 1986. His impressive track record includes video tutorials, blogs, articles, speaking engagements at major conferences and user groups, and in-person training at small and Fortune 500 companies. With an easy-going teaching style, Paul excels at breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible formats. You’ll appreciate the hands-on approach with numerous labs to reinforce your understanding of each lesson.

Course Highlights:

  • ~88 engaging demos for an immersive learning experience

  • ~65 thought-provoking questions to test your knowledge

  • ~75 hands-on labs for practical learning and skill development

Enroll now and unlock the full potential of Web APIs under the guidance of a seasoned expert like Paul D. Sheriff. Learn by doing, and take your developer skills to new heights! Secure your spot today and embark on an exciting journey towards Web API mastery!

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a C# web developer, at some point you are probably going to need Web APIs. If you are a front-end developer using Angular, React, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. you should be familiar with how to create Web APIs so you can consume them effectively. If you are already developing Web APIs using MVC, you are sure to learn something new in this course. If you are a development manager or a QA person who workings with developers creating Minimal Web APIs, after watching this course you will be better equipped to work with those developers.


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