Value of Family and Gender

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What you’ll learn

  • Importance of family
  • how children learn
  • problems that families face
  • Why children suffer from gender confusion

God created Adam and Eve to be the first humans and gave them each special gifts, to enable them to work together. Neither could function as effectively without the other, as they can together. God also gave them an attraction for each other that would cause them to leave their parents and cling to each other, establishing a family that would enable them to raise their children. However, man has a tendency to try to add things which cause problems in marriages.

Many today think the traditional family is obsolete and is now optional, but there are many advantages to the traditional family that we need to examine. The traditional family faces many threats today that we need to guard against. There are some that think that other types of unions should be included and will work just as well, but we need to seriously consider before adding them.

There are some that say traditional gender roles are no longer adequate and there are many more genders to be considered. However, we have to ask ourself where these ideas are coming from and if they are really legitimate.

Finally, we need to ask ourself how we should deal with the threats to traditional marriage and the growing demand to recognize different lifestyles.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who desire to raise healthy mature children


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