Everyday English

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  • A wide variety of English words
  • Understanding English in context of various films
  • Thoughts behind the words spoken in the films
  • Unusual English words – and their context

This course is made up of:

1. Basic everyday English

2. Unusual words that are to encourage you to research

3. Insults that will gain your interest!

4. Numerous short films where you are asked if you fully understand them

Many English courses will have (1). Some will have (2) and (3)…maybe…

But…no other course will include short films where the writer/director/main actor is part of this course. This means that when you are asked if you understand the film you can actually discuss the film with someone who was part of its creation!

And it is through discussion that you will really learn English!

The course is called ‘Everyday’ and is broken down into one main lecture a day. Therefore on Monday you watch – and do the homework from – the Monday lecture. On Tuesday you do the Tuesday lecture etc.

After a week you can repeat and discuss the words, usage, film, scripts etc in greater depth.

So the key really is discussion in the Q/A.

Each ‘day’ of lectures is between 10 and 25 minutes long. Plenty long enough for you to become involved but also short enough so you can watch in your break at work or your break in other study. The lectures have layers of understanding and depth so you can watch again – and discuss some more. The more you join in, the more you will learn!

Bu kurs kimler için uygun:

  • Anyone who feels their English needs improving
  • Those who are curious to broaden their vocabulary

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