HR Leadership Program – Set up HR Department from Scratch

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about SMR and Start-ups and how HR can be an integral part of such organizations and help them grow.
  • This module will also talk about HR Strategies, Training and Development programs
  • Learn HR Planning and how to generate them. You need to watch 92 videos in total to cover the module.
  • Learn Human Resource Measurement, HR Plan for a Startup Firm and Nature of Human Resource

The size of an organization does not decide whether it will need an HR department or not. The presence of HR is equally important in a start-up as well. Here you will learn how a small organization can plan its HRM. This HR Management Course will allow you a different perspective to look at an organization. Not only it will help you enhance your artistic skill towards your work but will also provide you with a strategic viewpoint of employee relation and their management.

This is an age of globalization and digitalization, so HRM also requires an upgrade. You will learn how to implement traditional HRM with an international approach. Even HR processes and their outcomes are quantifiable. Here you will learn how HR, directly and indirectly, affects the growth of an organization.

Human Resource Management is an umbrella term used for the development and management of people in an organization. HRM as a process is very important for an organization, without which it will be a tedious task to run an organization.

HRM also helps the employees to live up to their full potential and perform their best and hence benefit the organization. Another function of human resources is to maintain a cordial relation between various levels of employees.

Besides recruitment, there are wide areas of work for HR to focus on such as compensation and benefits, training and learning, labor and employee relations, organization development and so on. Due to so many areas to focus on for human resource one need to have expertise in either one or more areas.

Human Resource professionals need to have a strategic and comprehensive approach to their work. In this era of digitalization, an HR professional has to have traditional as well as an international approach towards managing people as well as workplace culture and environment.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs: Upcoming Entrepreneurs or established businesses, need to plan their workforce. This course can give you enough exposure to understanding the same.
  • Students: Any student from any field can do this HR Management Course.
  • Management Professionals: This course will teach you everything you need to learn about Human Resource Management to search for jobs and also spread the words about who you are and how you can help.


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