Earned Value Management – Manage Projects with EVM

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will become proficient in Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Understand the requirements for application EVM
  • Student will be able to identify all the parameter for necessary to calculate Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Apply EVM technique for Project Progress Reporting & Control

Course has been prepared keeping in view the Practice Standard for Earned Value Management by Project Management Institute (PMI) . Whether you are a project manager, construction manager, project planner, project control professional or a novice engineer , this course will make your journey of understanding and practicing EVM easy.

Every experienced project manager strives to have a good control over their project schedule and budget. The goal is to manage it effectively so that situation does not spiral out of control. Earned Value Management (EVM) has proved to be a very efficient and effective tool that is consistent in providing better results that reveal “enchanted” qualities in these project managers.

This course is prepared to introduce Earned Value Management concept to any project professional who wants to understand, learn or practice EVM. EVM helps in tracking project performance and its forecasting capabilities has proved reliable in mitigating foreseeable risks. In this video course, you will master all the building blocks to determining EVM and not only can calculate all the details, but also interpret the data and prepare a precise periodic project report.

Learn about Schedule Variance-SV, Schedule Performance Index-SPI, Cost Variance-CV, Cost Performance Index-CPI, Estimate to Complete, Estimate At Completion, Variance At Completion, To Complete Performance Index-TCPI, Earned Value Reports- Tables & S-Curves, Reading EVM Reports, Sample Exercises

Who this course is for:

  • This course targets project management experts from new to experienced, who are desiring to become adept at effectively managing their project successfully This course is best suited for those that want to become EVM Experts and add value


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