Master Course of Amazon Connect

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Importance and benefits of Amazon Connect
  • To analyze the features of Amazon Connect
  • Understanding the omnichannel cloud contact center and capabilities of Amazon Connect
  • How to setup a Amazon Connect and Remote Contact Center Agents
  • How to create personalized experiences for your customers and understanding the business benefits of amazon connect.

This Master Course of Amazon Connect – AWS Contect will explain about the Introduction and Importance of Amazon Connect as well as features, capabilities and business benefits. Amazon Connect is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud customer contact center service. Amazon Connect enables customer service representatives to respond to phone calls or chat inquiries from end customers just as if the contact center infrastructure was set up and managed on premises. Amazon Connect provides a seamless omnichannel experience for agents and managers for voice, chat, and task management to ensure customers are routed with their conversation’s full context or work across applications when switching channels.

Amazon Connect has a single user interface (UI) across voice, chat, and tasks for contact routing, queuing, analytics, and management. This omnichannel experience means your call center agents don’t have to learn and work across multiple tools.

Amazon Connect features :

Telephony, omnichannel, and automation. Telephony.

Agent experience. Agent application.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Agent assist.

Forecasting, capacity planning, and agent scheduling (preview) Contact forecasting.

Setup, administration, and reporting.

Integrations and partners.

In this master course, you can learn 5 topics

1. Introduction and Importance of Amazon Connect

2. Features of Amazon Connect

3. Capabilities of Amazon Connect

4.  Amazon Connect and Remote Contact Center Agents

5. Amazon connect and Business benefits

Who this course is for:

  • All UG, PG Students and who are willing to learn AWS – Amazon Connect – Anyone can learn


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