Node-RED and ESP32 Project

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What you’ll learn

  • Node-RED, the lightweight graphical programming tool.
  • ESP32, the powerful low-cost microcontroller with Wifi that you can program with the Arduino IDE.
  • MQTT Mosquitto broker, for reliable messaging between the ESP32 and Node-RED.
  • Use any Raspberry Pi as a host for Node-RED and the MQTT Mosquitto broker.
  • How to combine Node-RED, MQTT, the Raspberry Pi, and the ESP32 to create a complete automated control application.
  • Use Javascript inside Node-RED to process sensor inputs and calculate actions.

Updated December 2022 to support Node-Red version 3

In December 2022, we added a new section with eight lectures that cover Node-RED version 3.

With these lectures, you will learn how to upgrade your Node-RED instance to version 3 and use the most important new and updated features.


Updated June 2022 to support Node-Red version 2.2.2+ and Node.js 16.

More details about this update: We have added ten new lectures that show you how to update Node-Red to version 2.2.2, and Node.js to version 16, as well as how to use several of the new nodes that come with Node-Red 2.

There’s also a lecture showing you how to complete this project without having to set up an actual terrarium so that you can learn without the mess.


This course teaches you how to design and build an automated control system using Node-RED and the ESP32.

This course will guide you through the construction of an automated control system. The deliverable is a Terrarium controller.

Along the way, you will learn a great deal about useful technologies such as the Node-Red programming environment and MQTT.

This course is perfect for makers familiar with the ESP32 and interested in learning how to use it alongside Node-RED.

Node-RED is a lightweight graphical programming tool. You can use it to join various hardware and software components and create applications such as the automated terrarium controller in this course.

Node-RED is used in a range of settings. Makers create home automation applications, and organisations use it to automate their factory floors, among many other possibilities.

The ESP32 is a powerful low-cost microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi that we can program with the familiar Arduino IDE. Its “call to fame” is that it makes it easy for anyone familiar with the Arduino to leverage their knowledge and create gadgets that need more memory and processing power than what the Arduino Uno can provide, in addition to Wifi and Bluetooth. All this at a lower price point.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone familiar with the Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi.
  • Recent graduates of ESP32 for Arduino Makers.
  • Recent graduates of Raspberry Pi Full Stack.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to create a complete project using Node-RED, ESP32 and MQTT.


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